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The book “memorabilia” aims at attracting reader attention to the topic of memory and the processes of remembering by unusually presenting works of Lithuanian artists. It is like a play with the human mind. At first, only the texts can be fully seen and read, while the works of art featuring on the other side of the pages remain hardly perceptible as they are only hints. This effect of transparency has been created by using reverse printing in a low percentage of black on the hidden inner pages. However, these double pages can be “unlocked” by cutting them. Thus, readers are invited to figuratively put an effort into remembering and perceiving the known Lithuanian artworks in all their colours. The “Alergia Remix” font was chosen for the meaning of the name (“alergia” means allergy in translation) and its uncommon letter shapes. Featuring a scratch layer, the cover of the book also aims at piquing curiosity. What lies hidden behind the grey cover layer is left for readers to experience by themselves and thus create a memory for the future.

Statement by the Jury

What is exciting about the book “memorabilia” is how it combines the topic of memory with the artworks presented in it. Readers can check their memories of the artworks and then cut the pages open to see them in all their beauty. This play with hidden artworks and the memories thereof and, above all, the sophisticated technical production of the closed pages are highly convincing.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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