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Mesh Virus-Control Flag Partition

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INTERSECT BY LEXUS in the elegant Aoyama district of Tokyo is a café, bistro and gallery all in one, bringing the Lexus brand to life through design, art and fashion. The space features mesh viral-control flag partition elements that were designed to ensure that guests and staff will be able visit and use the space safely without worry both during and after the current Coronavirus pandemic. The innovative divider, which not only provides more protection but also adds colour accents to the space, was developed in collaboration with the company and consists of a mesh, otherwise used as a filter in medicine, to which nanoparticles of a new technology are attached that keeps out 99.9 per cent of viruses. Mounted on slim frames in various sizes, the air-permeable mesh can be placed almost anywhere as a translucent room divider or placed on tables in a variety of selectable formats, both of which help to give the room an inspiring atmosphere through their variety of colour combinations and patterns. Based on the idea that “colour is joy”, the mesh pattern creates liveliness in the room and, without impediment to sound, ensures carefree communication in a safe setting.

Statement by the Jury

The installation of these mesh anti-virus flag partition elements is an outstanding example of brilliant design, as it impressively combines functionality and aesthetics. With a playfully light and poetic appearance in various patterns, colours and sizes, the partition system skilfully manages to push the original aim of its development, the highly effective inhibition of viruses, into the background.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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