Mia 2.0

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Mia 2.0, as a small electric city vehicle, will reflect its user’s personality. The car’s distinctive design allows customers to select their preferred style from a variety of options. In addition, Mia can be updated and switched to a different version of the product family thanks to intelligent partitions and aftersales services. For example, when you need a utility vehicle, you can convert a Mia Passenger into a Mia Pickup. This customisable vehicle is not only exceptionally functional for ‘last- mile delivery’ and services, but it is also a smart concept for daily urban commuting. Sliding doors and cut- outs in the floor and roof panels allow for easy ingress and egress. When the doors are open, the total width of the vehicle increases by only 30 cm — an extremely useful feature when parking in tight spaces. Furthermore, the car’s compact structure improves passive safety while decreasing the likelihood of a collision.

 Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Mobility and Transportation

Red Dot

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