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Milla & Milli is a brand of the Croatian wood production company Mundus Viridis, which was founded in 2018 out of a desire to ecologically produce high-quality designer furniture from local solid wood. Over the past three years, the brand’s furniture has won numerous design awards, including a Red Dot for the Waves bar cabinet. To build the brand, a holistic brand strategy was developed that positions Milla & Milli as a nature-loving furniture manufacturer in the luxury segment. The close connection between luxury on the one hand and closeness to nature on the other also shapes the brand identity: the visual communication of the brand puts the unity of the two – partly contradictory – elements in the foreground. Thus, the logo picks up the brand name Milla & Milli in the form of two parallel lines forming an M and at the same time integrates the ampersand symbol. The visual language in brochures, product flyers, on cotton bags and on the website in turn combines images of the products and furniture textures with motifs of various forest plants and animals. A promotional film shows the furniture in an abstract forest setting featuring various forest animals and people. The background audio consists of birds chirping and leaves rustling. This connection between furniture and the forest is also used in the design of the brand’s exhibition stands to create a memorable brand experience. For the 2019 / 20 season, the furniture was presented amidst free-standing, closely spaced posts that formed an abstract forest scenography with forest sounds in the background. The visual appearance of the brand in the customer approach is complemented by puns such as “Deer friend” and “Wood you ...”, which in turn pick up on the forest motif. By skilfully combining all these elements into a unified overall image, the brand succeeds in communicating high quality, arousing people’s sympathy for the products, and credibly conveying its ecological positioning.

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