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Millions Boulangerie & Café

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The name of the Korean boulangerie with café “Millions [miljɔ̃]” refers to the French pronunciation of the word “millions” and implies the aspiration that millions of people may visit the bakery. The logo consists entirely of numbers that resemble the Korean Hangul alphabet in their special typography and serve to visually represent the brand name. In addition, the numbers also appear in other applications, with different meanings and in different combinations, on a range of products such as paper bags, coffee mugs and the jars of jam and mixed nuts, each giving the customer a unique but recognisable brand experience. This targeted differentiation is designed to create curiosity while being easy to grasp and understand. The main colour of the brand identity is a bold yellow to whet the appetite, along with black – a rather unusual combination for a bakery and one that makes the shop itself a real eye-catcher. Natural materials such as recycled paper, cotton and glass reflect the quality and naturalness of the products and are sustainable enough to allow adding new products and items at any time.

Statement by the Jury

The brand design for this bakery running under the name “Millions” succeeds in creating an appearance that is both original and consistent. The numbers are connected to the Korean alphabet in an unusual way, which not only creates a magnificent and interesting impression, but also a highly aesthetic one. Together with the striking colours and the premium-quality materials, the design exudes an attractive coherence.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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