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MODU Ecosystem

MODU Ecosystem | Red Dot Design Award

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MODU Ecosystem is an integrated solution for telecom companies to create modular and customisable interfaces. It shapes a new business model for key players in the industry, providing a disruptive market opportunity for companies and a custom solution for end users. This ecosystem allows end users to co-create both a set-top-box and remote control by customising colours, textures and functions according to their TV viewing and aesthetic preferences. Additionally, the set-top-box doubles as the remote control and charging platform for other smart-devices. Instead of traditional buttons, the remote control features a smart nano-coated textile with an embedded RFID tag that, once locked in, recognises the active key layout. MODU’s unique feature lies in its ability to shape solutions that adapt to people, humanise technology and blend in with living spaces. With an innovative approach, users become more connected to their products through touch, feel and customisation. MODU appeals to the senses where warm textiles wrap around soft shapes, providing a comfort that fits perfectly not only in the hands but also in the living room.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Tech4home, Portugal
  • Team Lead:
    Joao Santos
  • Design:
    Trishala Alva, Bernardo Araújo, Pedro Gomes, Pedro Monteiro
MODU Ecosystem | Red Dot Design Award