Modular Convenient Stove

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Cookware portability is a much-needed feature for outdoor activities, but current barbecue grills on the market are inconvenient to transport and take up too much trunk space. This cookware unit combines a barbeque grill and a cooking stove into a portable and complete design to make outdoor life easier. It is designed to meet the needs of outdoor dining, picnics, and various outdoor scenarios. The combination stove is not only smaller and easier to transport, but its modular design allows the user to customise the set-up, and cook and grill at the same time for a richer outdoor dining experience. The stove is designed with a bottom air inlet to ensure adequate air circulation and oxygen supply to keep the gas stove burning steadily. Furthermore, its carrier case is made of an eco-friendly, lightweight, and wear-resistant hard paper material, making it a durable and sustainable outdoor product. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Culinary and Kitchen

Red Dot

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