Moee - Digital Service For Richer Exhibition Experience

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Moee allows users to record their own appreciation of artworks while also allowing them to enjoy the thoughts of other visitors. Moee collaborates with the museum to provide discussions, perspectives on works, and shared tastes for a richer exhibition experience. On a digital exhibition floor map, a footsteps icon indicates a spot where visitors can share a text or voice note. These gathered public information are shown alongside official curatorial notes to enhance the exhibition experience. By leaving notes on the digital map, users are also marking their journey through the exhibition in an interactive way, allowing them to recall moments from their visit later. Moee is a decentralised fluid information model that assists museums in crowdsourcing reviews, stories, and feedback. The use of Moee improves the quality of public discussions and creates a new online art agora for the modern digital art consumer. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Interaction and User Experience

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