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Moire Effect is a material made up of several overlapping translucent plastic sheets with similar but slightly offset patterns. It sends out signals to help drivers intuitively see if they’re in autonomous or manual driving mode. It also indicates changes in the car’s interior atmosphere. As the top plastic layer rotates, the diffusing light from beneath amplifies the final Moiré design, making the piece more interactive and dramatic. LOTTE CHEMICAL chose a combination of basic stripe and concentric patterns as well as different transmittance rates and material thickness to influence the final effect. Moire Effect seeks to embody the interaction between drivers and vehicles with these new materials, instead of relying on conventional lighting or high-priced display devices. Moire Effect is scalable in both the automotive market and other industries that require indicators and visual interactions. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Materials & Surfaces

Red Dot

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