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Moog Model 15 iOS App

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Moog Music, founded by Robert Moog, a pioneer in electronic music, has been pushing the boundaries of technology since the 1970s, creating the market of analogue synthesisers by releasing products such as the Minimoog. Today, as analogue synthesisers are back in vogue, the iconic Model 15 was transformed into a digital iOS application, designed to focus on speed, creativity and simplicity, allowing music makers to create analogue sounding music wherever they are. Recreating each module of the analogue original in technical detail and integrating it into the user interface as photorealistic reproduction, the app achieves the sound and look of the original from 1973. The individual modules can be connected with one another by means of virtual patch cables, offering a high number of combinations thanks to over 160 presets and a lot of potential to create individual sounds. The use of Appleā€™s new Metal graphics technology ensures that zooming, panning and modular patching throughout the application feels very natural.

Statement by the Jury

This virtual analogue synthesiser app is special and outstanding because it looks and feels like a real synthesiser. Based on the visual appearance of the original from 1973, it allows users to interactively make the same complex adjustments resulting in a nice and high-quality sound. Moreover, users immediately hear what they edit or when operating complex interactions, as an entire simulation in the background allows the control of the sound in real time.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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