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Capturing a great moment is at the heart of using MORGEN to save towards retirement. The user can save every great moment in the app, add photos, and estimate their personal value of that moment in time. Every month, the app will remind the user of their favourite memories, allowing them to convert the value of their salary experiences into a pension fund. By revolutionising how we think about pension plans, MORGEN aims to bring positivity to planning for the future. MORGEN’s interactive interface allows users to monitor their progress, modify their pension plan, or look up the KPIs important to them, all while not forgetting to live in the present. A personal AI-driven assistant provides users with the information they require, as well as simple tips to help them optimise their future financial situations. An intuitive timeline of the user’s most valuable memories is displayed in the app, allowing them to look back on a growing set of experiences. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Service Design

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