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The individual lifestyle determines to a large extent how people interact with their smartphones, how they communicate with others and what they expect from the smart device in general. Moto Z is an Android smartphone series that fascinates with its very own kind of modularity. At the heart of the development was the idea of enabling users to configure their device to meet their needs, based on different modules, the Moto Mods, which serve to extend the smartphone by adding various functions. The result is impressive in both its logic and functionality. An innovative system comprising a magnet and connection pins allows intuitive attaching and swapping of individually desired modules. Users can thus choose between various sophisticated, technically highly advanced modules. For instance, the camera module features a lens with a factor-ten optical zoom and a Xenon flash, while the optional projector module can display a picture of up to 70”. Or the smartphone can be equipped with a powerful loudspeaker module for delivering highquality stereo sound. Moreover, various battery modules serve to extend the life of the phone by up to 22 hours. New modules are under development to further enhance the device functionality. Showcasing an aesthetically appealing, purist design, the Moto Z series of mobile phones offers many options – it delivers a new ease of customisation and meets the needs and interests of the worldwide target group.

Statement by the Jury

Thanks to a modular design, the innovative design of the Moto Z smartphone series offers the comfort of individual choice whether a loudspeaker or a video projector should be integrated into the mobile phone. Due to the functional extensions in the form of Moto Mods, it can be ideally adapted to personal preferences, needs and requirements. All elements have been harmonised to each other both in form and function, each making life easier in their own way.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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