Multi Layered 3D Lighting Effect

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There has been a burgeoning growth of interaction concepts involving lighting as the medium of communication between power-operated self-driving systems in the automotive industry. Multi Layered 3D Lighting Effect presents an alternative communication solution to conventional lighting or display devices for AI and self-driving vehicles. It is a system of lighting effects that can deliver detailed and subtle emotional indicators. Cutting-edge sensors are adopted to detect any changes in the driving conditions as well as to induce emotional interactions. By using LOTTE CHEMICAL’s transparent fluorescent material, ‘Edge Glow’, lighting can go beyond simple schemes and play a better role in delivering more complex emotional elements. Used as the primary layer, the material allows a gap to be created between the primary and secondary layer. When different patterns are applied to each layer, this technique enables more complex 3D patterns and effects to be generated than using the double injection method, which doesn’t allow for gaps between layers. In addition, laser welding is adopted in this design to allow the overlapping of two or more materials as well as the selective bonding of target areas. By welding layers of ‘Edge Glow’ together, the welded area and patterns will glow under the light and the junction between sections can be used to generate new patterns and create new appearances. This lighting effect, coupled with diffusion materials, can achieve diverse, complex and subtle changes to patterns and colour properties. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Materials & Surfaces

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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