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My Words

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The poster series “My Words” focuses on the designer’s intention to express his understanding of nature and life via converging visual text languages. As an “abstract text”, the design is inspired by ripples and music, as well as a combination of hand-written Chinese, English, Iranian, French and Italian. It thus applies an international visual communication technique, where an experimental exploration is conducted on the “non-recognition” and the “infor­mation communicative function” of visual text languages. Using this approach, the designer tries to convey the conversation between himself and his heart, the sea and nature, as well as the traditional culture. This concept is aimed at challenging beholders in that the text creates a sense of déjà vu, yet remains impossible to be recognised in terms of content. In this way, this poster series wants to communicate with the audience by conveying the emotions of the designer. The objective is to communicate that on the surface, “My Words” is full of graphics and text, but virtually, it is wordless.

Statement by the Jury

In an attention-grabbing manner, this experimental project documents a dialogue between the designer and himself. Thoughts about culture and the ocean are visualised, yet they fully elude unambiguous understanding. Cleverly solved are details such as speech balloons, which are presented both in a traditional way and as Chinese drawings. Playing on perception, the poster series gains the interest of beholders.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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