Natural Rays

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Natural Rays are lighting effects that represent product operational features and serve as a medium for user-product interaction. Categorised into ‘touch,' ‘insert’, ‘open’, ‘place’, and ‘breathe’, corresponding lighting UX for each feature is then developed using associated ideas. For example, the rainbow that appears after rain is associated with air purifiers or air conditioners to convey their purifying and refreshing properties. The action of opening and closing the door is associated with the aurora, which gives the impression of a portal into another world and represents a metaphorical bridge that connects everything. A wide selection of UX design concepts also attempt to incorporate lighting and emotional elements found in nature. Rather than using a simple concept or artificial simulation through LED technology, the project explores how nature alters material properties to recreate a specific phenomenon. This novel approach encourages user-product interaction, providing emotional and refreshing sensibilities to consumers who have grown accustomed to cookie-cutter products and lighting. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Materials and Surfaces

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