O - Mist / Light Diffusion System

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O – Mist / Light Diffusion System is designed to revitalise and cool the ambient air in urban centres during events and hot summer days and evenings. It creates a cloud of illuminated mist in strategic locations to reduce the heat island effects in the overall urban space. Its design is inspired by molecular structures and water droplets. The suspended misting system is composed of two superposed frame structures that reveal the play between the mist and the light. The simple circular tubing and brass connectors form a network that, through pressure, diffuses mist into the surrounding, creating a refreshing oasis by humidifying the air during hot summer days. The pressure producing power unit is connected to a water source and can be installed anywhere out of reach. The concept O-Mist creates a magic multi-sensory experience and animates the public space while drawing in the crowds. This structure can be suspended horizontally (or any direction as needed) between building walls or existing infrastructure using cables and tenders. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Public Space

Red Dot

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