Olbitherium Making Characters, Spring Festival Couplets Designing

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Spring Festival couplets are traditionally written in ink or gold on red paper. The use of a red background and colourful characters enhances the couplets in this hand-drawn work. The work is inspired by the ‘auspicious beasts’ in Chinese culture and combines them with several traditional couplet characters: ‘five blessings’, dragon (luck), deer (success), crane (longevity), magpie (happiness), and koi fish (wealth). The five 'auspicious beasts' are cleverly incorporated into the couplet characters in various poses with smooth and unexpected lines. The entire scene appears vivid and peaceful, with elegant and identifiable characters. The couplets are embellished with corresponding idioms, allusions, and stamps of ancient masters, which enrich and harmonise the content and details. Its ‘Fortune Case’ features luxurious embossed gilding and a highly difficult gold bumping technology—a fusion of exquisite modern technique and classic traditional culture that demonstrates a magnificent three-dimensional vision. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Visual Communication

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