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Open Air Cinema National Museum

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The poster series “Open Air Cinema National Museum” depicts the modern mind and the phenomenon that people often have a hard time bringing their mind to a rest, as sometimes streams of bizarre ideas continue to cross their minds. The four richly detailed visually enticing drawings explore how the brain, the “strange cavity”, works and processes information with its countless cells and lobes. The illustrations tackle the question, for example, how moods, which people feel internally, can be translated and conveyed understandably, or how too thickly layered or convoluted thoughts can be disentangled. Rendered in overall simple yet highly artistic strokes, the illustrations visualise the dynamics of our brains, which can continuously elaborate on and produce brilliant ideas, but can just as easily get stuck on childhood memories and make us feel lonely as if submerged deeply under water. The stimulatingly multifaceted situations in words and images leave ample leeway for individual interpretation.

Statement by the Jury

This poster series illustrates the experience of thinking too much or having too many things endlessly crossing the mind. The fine illustrations pick up on this through numerous details aimed at shedding light on the process of what is happening in our brains while thinking, and visualising that process through simple yet powerful drawings. Thus, the “Museum of Brain Power” in a figurative sense further enhances this notion.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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