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The Passerine chair takes a more progressive approach to design. In an era when the preservation of the environment and its resources is paramount, industrialised products can pivot into a more sustainable ecosystem. Closing the loop of a chair’s life cycle may make little business sense for most, but what if the chair is designed with fully replaceable and recyclable parts, and retailers can provide this as a value-added service for a profit? This makes the chair more appealing to both businesses and end users. The term ‘passerine’ refers to bird species that perch. The backrest’s distinctive joinery appears to be perched on metal branches. For the chair to be durable and sustainable, the materials, system and processes had to be perlustrated. The end result is a chair that embodies unassuming characteristics and a hint of modern charm. To enhance the experience of the chair, the tumbled texture of premium leather, knurling on the fittings, the haptics and weight are all taken into consideration. All of these materials and processes are long- lasting and have a lower environmental impact than other options, with no harsh chemical treatments or unnecessary plastic use. The Passerine chair is future-proofed for a lifetime of use.

 Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Home Furniture

Red Dot

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