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Introducing Pealock, a revolutionary electronic lock for your sporting equipment. Pealock can be used for bikes, skis, snowboards, e-scooters, baby strollers and more. Once locked, it can be easily unlocked either via the Pealock mobile app or with a NFC card that is included in the package. Its strap is made of a durable material that combines steel cables and wires with the electronic components. Pealock has a motion sensor and an integrated alarm of 110db. It is able to send notifications via the application or a mobile call from a distance. Via the smartphone app, users can also check the status of the battery, set an alarm delay (from 1-5 seconds) and add other NFC cards, bracelets or keychains. If the user has children, multiple locks can be managed simultaneously. Weighing at only 4.4oz (125 grams), simply carry Pealock around in your pocket. With this lock, you can enjoy your leisure time without any worries of potential theft! Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Smart

Red Dot

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