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Photolemur is a fully automated photo editing solution based on artificial intelligence. It applies all necessary edits to each image, including colour correction, white balance editing and correcting chromatic aberrations, giving photos a vivid, natural look. The complex technology is hidden behind a simple and easy-to-use interface – the photo itself. The only button is for exporting the processed image. During processing, a soothing animation is displayed, which imitates connections in neural networks, effectively illustrating the photo editing algorithms at work.

  • Client:
    Photolemur, Bellevue, USA
  • Design:
    Photolemur, Bellevue, USA
  • Managing Director:
    Alex Tsepko Photolemur
  • Head of Marketing:
    Nazar Begen Photolemur
  • Art Direction:
    Dmitry Novikov Macpaw Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Technical Direction:
    Dima Sytnik Skylum, San Diego, USA