RAVEN Kick Scooter

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The RAVEN kick scooter attempts to change the infantile perception of the equipment itself. The objective is to create a kick scooter that is more classy, subtle, user-friendly and comfortable. Therefore, the scooter can be folded by rotating the handlebar that secures the cable, thus unlocking the lock system in one swift movement. Furthermore, an orange gap in the horizontal frame enables the whole scooter to be packed into an absolute flat pack that barely takes up any space. This streamlined form fits the user’s shoulder perfectly to be carried around comfortably. To expand the target group and lure businessmen to join this eco-friendly vehicle movement, a carbon fibre material is used for sleekness, stability and lightness. this is the lightest kick scooter to date, weighing in at only 980 grams. The elimination of some unnecessary parts also lightened the overall construction. Overall, the RAVEN kick scooter aims to change the worldwide approach of commuting and turn “hurrying” into a pleasant and efficient process.

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