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Riku is a smart one-pot cooker with a Machine Learning module that learns taste preferences and recommends meals based on the user’s tastes and dietary needs. It comes with a pre-loaded set of recipes that can be fully customised to the user’s preferences. The cooker is integrated with a spice management system that precisely dispenses spices and seasoning, as well as a liquid dispensing system, an ingredient rack, a rice cooker, an induction cooktop with precise temperature control, and an automatic stirrer. All of these features work together to cook the perfect dish every time. The Riku companion app can also generate shopping lists, manage the pantry, and track the user's meals. The app uses a real-time connection with Riku to allow the user to control the cooking process. Riku’s guiding principles are to save time, reduce effort, lower the skill barrier, and make the experience of consistently cooking high-quality, healthy meals at home enjoyable. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Culinary and Kitchen

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