Robotic Prosthetic Knee

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The Robotic Prosthetic Knee uses cutting-edge robotic and biomechanical technologies. It is designed for above-knee amputees and helps restore their physical functions. Users can conduct daily activities with reduced physical pain. With this technology, the prosthetic knee is aimed at improving people’s mobility and quality of life. The prosthetic knee is supported by an electrical motor that produces assistive torque. It readily provides the necessary power for knee extension when walking, climbing stairs or navigating slopes. In addition to the electrical motor, this prosthesis is equipped with sophisticated sensors to determine how users intend to move at all times, and to make precise adjustments at every moment. Reliable drive control system and original algorithms replicate natural limb motor functions. The prosthetic knee is designed to resemble the human silhouette as closely as possible: it adopts a natural outline between the knee and toe, including a muscle bulge at the calf. The surface of the product is also carefully designed to create a visually natural standing posture and beautiful reflection of light sources. The outer surface of the product is made with a high-quality CFRP shell. The lower cover, which is a part of the lower thigh, is available in multiple sizes to accommodate users of various heights. There are plans to manufacture the prosthetics in a variety of colours and material choices so users can enjoy wearing it as part of their self-expression. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Bionics

Red Dot: Luminary

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