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Systematic care

Transporting works of art and other valuable goods is a delicate and highly complicated affair, as these objects are often sensitive to impact and therefore end up being damaged. ROKBOX is a reusable artwork shipment and casing system with a robust design. Setting new standards in artwork protection, the system guards against shock, vibration, puncture and water damage. Designed for multiple reuse, this casing system is made from technically sophisticated, durable materials with no need for additional single use packaging, which makes it highly sustainable. It thus offers users significant economic and environmental benefits. Moreover, it has been ergonomically designed for easy handling and features a highly sophisticated functionality, comprising integrated handles, as well as feet and strap channels, which allow several cases to be strapped together to form stable blocks. Another big advantage is that it is considerably lighter than the common wooden crates it replaces. Internally, the versatile patent-pending design allows artworks to be quickly, easily and safely secured. The cases are available in various sizes, making them suitable for many different or even multiple artworks at a time without the need of refitting or additional packaging.

Statement by the Jury

ROKBOX is a highly functional system that protects valuable goods in a simple manner without wasting a lot of packaging material. The cases can be transported easily and even franked for shipment. They serve to safely and securely protect works of art, while the cases do not require too much extra space themselves. This perfectly thought-out shipping and storage medium is very suitable for everyday use and allows self-explanatory opening without tools.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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