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Samsung SmartSuit

Samsung SmartSuit | Red Dot Design Award

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Samsung stands for “Meaningful progress comes from daring to defy barriers. Do what you can’t”. The idea of this advertising was to promote the idea that the company not simply sponsored the Olympic team, but true to its company slogan, also used its technology and know-how to help their Olympic skating team win the games. A skater’s exact distance above the ice is essential for achieving the optimal skating posture. Previously, the coach and a human movement scientist judged this distance purely based on their gut feeling. But there was still a lot to be gained, so the Samsung SmartSuit was developed: a tech suit equipped with five sensors that feed live body kinetic telemetry to the Galaxy S8 as data and to the Galaxy Tab S3 as data, video or charts. It supplies the coach with real-time training data in a way that has never been possible before. After months of practicing with the Samsung SmartSuit, the athletic team won silver and gold medals at the Olympics for the first time ever. It was Samsung, the sponsor, with its technological know-how that had made a significant contribution to achieve this.

Statement by the Jury

The Samsung advertising campaign is special because it puts the company’s advanced knowledge to successful effect. It was the idea of technically translating the company slogan into the form of a Samsung SmartSuit that has helped the athletes to push their limits and significantly improve their performance, thanks to precision technology and therefore more effective training options. The sponsor thus stood out with more than just a logo.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Samsung Electronics Benelux, Schiphol, Netherlands
  • Design:
    Cheil Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Managing Director:
    Mariska Kloezen Cheil Amsterdam
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Thijs de Boer Cheil Amsterdam
  • Creative Direction:
    Norman Groenewegen Pepijn Spanjerberg Cheil Amsterdam
  • Account Management:
    Janita Veenstra Matthijs van Schie Cheil Amsterdam
  • Technical Direction:
    Mario Piepenbrink Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Strategic Planning:
    Roen Roomberg Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Production:
    Pirke Bergsma Pirke Productions Amsterdam, Netherlands Egon Feiner Aemilia van Lent Eyeforce Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Film Direction:
    Bob van de Gronde Eyeforce Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Editor:
    Tomas Kamphuis Freewheel Stories Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Media Agency:
    Starcom Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Public Relations Agency:
    Glasnost Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Marketing / Communication:
    Gerben van Walt Meijer Roos Bulder Femke Koenen Steffany Sprong-Van der Hout Samsung Electronics Benelux
Samsung SmartSuit | Red Dot Design Award
Samsung SmartSuit | Red Dot Design Award
Samsung SmartSuit | Red Dot Design Award
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