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SCALED provides customised and flexible protective wearables to protect, prevent, and predict long-term damage from human joint injuries. Its material innovation mimics animal scales, and the interlocking structure of the scales provides a flexible material that absorbs impact and limits motion that exceeds a healthy range. As a result, SCALED maximises physical protection while maintaining full mobility. By combining cutting-edge computational design and 3D printing technologies, SCALED is mass-customisable to a user’s exact needs. Each individual scale is, therefore, uniquely designed by SCALED’s algorithm. This enables the properties of the entire scale structure to meet the needs of the user. It also enables the material be applied to any part of the body, any body shape, and any type of activity to prevent injuries, accelerate rehabilitation, and improve sports performance through regulated motion control. Patents are pending for SCALED's algorithm, materials, manufacturing, and application methods. Its mission is to reach the medical market in order to provide a means of fall protection for the elderly. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Bionics

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