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Schulthess Spirit 530 / 540

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User-friendly approach

Since open architecture concepts often attempt to make household appliances blend into a given ambiance, such appliances are facing new design challenges. This washing machine from the Spirit series responds to this trend with a path-breaking new approach. It showcases a dynamic body characterised by divides tapered towards the sides, lending it a solid and elegant appearance. The design of this appliance thus succeeds in visualising a high degree of durability and premium quality. It offers an innovative 3D washing drum with an added movement feature that shuffles laundry from front to back. In combination with a new funnel-shaped perforation, the drum also boasts clearly improved dewatering and thus much faster washing programs. The performance is complemented by a high ease of use. The seamlessly built-in touch interface with straightforward menu ensures intuitive operational interaction. Loading the washing machine via the series-distinctive pillow-shaped door is an experience of its own: the smooth and inviting opening behind the door evokes a sensual experience and forms a charming contrast to the appliance’s otherwise rather factual and geometric overall appearance. The washing machine thus merges a user-friendly approach based on sophisticated technology with a novel, exciting experience of washing clothes.

Statement by the Jury

This washing machine from the Spirit series fascinates with a clear design consistently honed in every detail. The luxurious appearance of the interface invites the user by offering a high convenience of operability. Equipped with innovations such as a high-performance 3D drum, it delivers fast washing results. It redefines the concept of a washing machine and showcases a plethora of functional qualities for everyday use.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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