Schulthess Spirit 630 / 640

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In modern living environments, tumble dryers often have their fixed place in the bathroom or elsewhere in the living area. The design concept of this dryer from the Spirit series is matched closely to the architectonically geometric design idiom of the washing machine from the same series, together forming a functional unity. Both appliances share an appearance of well-balanced forms and a visual self-sufficiency that blends well into almost any interior. The dryer fascinates with subtle details such as the fine beading in the side panels and an indicator in the door. Following the maxim of a “spacious volume” concept, distinctive divides tapered toward the sides create the appearance of a massive body within almost any given room. The dryer thus exudes an air of durable premiumdesign quality and harmonises well with the washing machine, not least thanks to the design with aligned lines. Together they form a complementary visual unity, both when standing on top of each other or next to each other. Ease of cleaning is another consistent quality of its design. This tumble dryer impresses users with its seamlessly built-in capacitive touch interface that conveys the intelligence of the software control. With its appearance of well-balanced self-sufficiency, it communicates a high degree of understatement in almost any interior environment.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the tumble dryer from the Spirit series impressively incorporates the family identity of this series, offering versatile arrangement options as its architectonically geometric design style blends in seamlessly into almost any interior. The incredibly user-friendly design of the interface ensures easy and intuitive operation of the appliance’s intelligent technology. Clarity and elegance merge with quality.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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