Sensory Pleasure

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Inspired by the production process and the characteristics of crepe fabric, Sensory Pleasure encourages disappearing crafts and craftsmen by incorporating newer technology with traditional crepe fabric to create a texture unlike traditionally or commonly used ‘chirimen’ fabric. The process transforms plain raw fabric into three-dimensional textures by laser-cutting and boiling crepe fabric. Since the yarn has a protein-based element that is removed by boiling, the warped yarn shrinks by almost a third of its size after the treatment. This textile design has been developed to explore how the unused parts of ‘chirimen’ fabric can be treated differently to avoid wastage. In the process of manufacturing kimonos, at least 2 yards per roll of ‘chirimen’ fabric are usually discarded. Since this new processing technique does not require large amount of fabric, any small pieces of the fabric can be processed for other uses. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Materials & Surfaces

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