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Shield provides a relatively simple solution to a patient-centred problem that has existed for more than fifty years. It offers stability and security to a 2-litre drainage bag while simultaneously allowing for more discreet use in a domestic setting. With its simple and clean form, it unobtrusively sits next to a bed or chair at home. The bag has an easy-grip and secure handle designed for weakened and arthritic hands that may need to carry up to 2 kilogrammes of fluid to the bathroom. An easy-turning large surface drainage tap allows the collected fluid to be easily emptied without spilling. Shield's clean, snap-together design makes it simple to assemble. Shield also uses recycled hospital waste material that would otherwise be incinerated, specifically single-use disposable sterilisation tray wraps and drapes used in operating theatres. These waste materials are recycled to create a sterile material in sheet and granular form that is suited in a more domestic environment. The ultra-low-cost material is then processed to produce Shield in a variety of unique finishes, depending on the colour and mix of recycled polypropylene. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Sustainability

Red Dot

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