Shiver With Cold

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The pieces of this garment collection simulates the Chinese ink and wash painting effect by dyeing leftover white fabrics and covering the yellowed portions with pigments to give them a new look. Different types of fabrics are then layered to depict a melancholic mood, as Chinese paintings are typically composed with a wide range of emotions. All of the garment pieces can be mixed and matched. The collection’s primary colour scheme is black, grey, and white—but with a dark red tone added for embellishment, referring to another poem about plum blossoms and holding your beliefs even in the face of adversity. The rugged silhouette portrays a guarded appearance of hidden emotions. Shiver with Cold implies that hope will be found after the winter, and that a better future awaits after each adversity. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Fashion and Accessories

Red Dot

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