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Travellers always face the dilemma of having to hold a camera while sightseeing, or being tortured by a conventional camera strap around the neck. However, if one leaves the camera in the backpack, the traveller is going to miss great shots. Current solutions for this dilemma are either bulky enough to prevent one from shooting instantly, or they tend to rest the weight only on one shoulder. SNAPSNAP is a patent pending solution that addresses this problem SNAPSNAP has a form-locked mechanism that allows the camera strap to be attached to the straps of a backpack, thus relieving the neck of stress. The camera also counterbalances the weight of the backpack. The elements are designed to detach automatically when the camera is raised into the photographer’s field of vision, which means that a photographer will never miss a shot. With a bare minimum of parts, the rope doubles as a grip and eliminates the need for additional handles. Strong magnets have been added to the fasteners for intuitive and convenient usage. Fasteners are movable, eliminating the need for additional length adjustment mechanism at the upper portion of the camera strap. The connection between the rope and the strap doubles as an overall length adjuster. The elements for the backpack are designed to fit virtually any backpack by providing multiple latch points.

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