Solar Sunshade

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The Solar Sunshade canopy is a new type of outdoor sunshade product for skylights. The telescopic blades that form its shade are made with an aluminium alloy roll forming process, which results in a cavity structure that effectively slows heat transmission. Solar panels are embedded in the blades to convert solar energy into electrical energy. To effectively block heat transmission, a specific density of polyurethane composite foam material is injected into the cavity of the blade. In summer, when the sun radiates, fully extend the sun shade to cover the skylight. This effectively prevents solar radiant heat from entering the room and lowers the environmental temperature of the interior. In winter, when the temperature difference between day and night is greater, fully extend the shades at night and retract them in the morning. This effectively maintains the indoor temperature and prevents condensation from forming on top of the skylight as a result of temperature differences. The solar energy absorbed by the blades is converted into electric energy, which is stored in the battery of the main box and used to control the sun shade’s extension and retraction. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Energy and Power

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