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Studies have shown that sitting for hours a day drastically increases the mortality rate. Inspired by the popularity of standing desks in the workplace, Sole is an automobile designed for a single user to drive in a stand-sitting posture. The vertical expansion creates a flexible moving space that accommodates developing autonomous driving technologies that will redefine transportation for both drivers and society. Applying this trend to vehicles on the road will not only help combat health risks, but it also reduces the size of vehicles on the road. Currently, over three-quarters of commuters in the U.S. drive to work solo in a vehicle that utilises more space than necessary. Sole is about one-fourth the size of a traditional car. This creates the potential for reduced traffic and allows intelligent electric power to be more cost-efficient. The zero degree turning radius makes it easy to park in tight metropolitan areas where garage space is limited or non-existent. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility

Red Dot

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