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Sonos Sub Mini and Sonos Ray Packaging

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Protection, Aesthetics, Sustainability

The functional aspects of this highly successful packaging design are clear: products require effective protection and the form of the packaging must satisfy logistical requirements. At the same time, packaging is also one of the first touchpoints for consumers, so it should evoke a sense of desire and provide all the information they need at a glance. These parameters are nothing new. However, in recent years sustainability has also become an increasingly important factor. A thorough analysis of the materials used was also a key focus in the design of the packaging for the Sonos Sub Mini and Sonos Ray. The goal was to dispense with plastic as far as possible, both for the sleeves and the inlays, and to replace it with cardboard, pulp and custom-made kraft paper. The weight of these premium-quality devices posed a special challenge and our team pushed paper pulp to its limit, using a combination of simulation and traditional prototyping techniques, to develop robust structures for maximum product protection. The monomaterial packaging can also be simply and conveniently recycled. Moreover, the designers’ efforts significantly reduced the part count for Sonos Ray packaging and completely eliminated the need for EPP foams to protect the heavier Sub Mini. “The packaging for Sonos Ray and Sonos Sub Mini is very robust and has a fantastic feel which reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and provides an intuitive user experience,” the jury commented enthusiastically. “Its fine yet informative illustrative artwork can be appreciated from any angle, creating minimalist yet engaging visuals and the unboxing experience comes with a “wow” effect that showcases the clever construction of the interior.” The packaging also features sophisticated details, such as the embossed brand name and professional workmanship, highlighting the successful fusion of sustainability and premium design.

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