Soolight Smart Lighting Control Application

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With a higher standard of living, the number of lights in our rooms is increasing. Lighting control and management is becoming increasingly tedious and repetitive, and unplanned lighting is a huge waste of energy. Soolight is a lighting control application that helps users conserve energy. It combines technology and environmental protection to assist users in managing their home's lighting, allowing them to create scenes and automate operations while continuously monitoring their energy consumption. The application's main colour is bright blue, which reflects the sense of science, technology, and security, forming a visual impact and memory that quickly grasps the attention of users. A blurring ‘ground glass’ effect is applied to a rounded rectilinear design. When moving between rooms, the background blurs for a sense of integration and immersion. The rounded rectilinear design further enhances the affinity with the user. The app allows users to input photos of their rooms to make differentiation easier. The ‘drag, sweep, and flip’ design is introduced to simplify the complex operation of user configuration and automation, and to improve the efficiency of use. The user fluency is enhanced by seamless window switching between modules with no sense of interface jump-split. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Interaction and User Experience

Red Dot

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