Soom B

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Jeju Haenyeo (female divers) are represented and promoted by UNESCO. But the number of divers has been increasingly reduced because it can be a risky job with a potential for accidents. SOOM B is an electric vehicle intended to protect these female divers from potential accidents. A Haenyeo can ride on the SOOM B as they would a Taewak (a traditional buoy) in the sea. They can also drive and direct the scooter using the front handle. The design of the dive scooter ensures the diver is in the most comfortable position and the outer shell of the scooter is designed to look like a turtle shell. The scooter allows the divers to have a safer ride than using the traditional buoys. Additional features include a net to store seafood caught by the divers. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Third Age

Red Dot

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