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About two per cent of newborns suffer from severe cranial deformity, also called a flat head syndrome. Against this backdrop, the innovative concept of Talee represents an inspiring new advancement in established helmet therapy. Optimally adaptable by means of 3D scanning technology, this cranial orthosis allows treating and shaping the heads of the youngest of patients in a highly effective and comfortable-to-wear manner. Designed for orthotic treatment lasting for a period of three months, it delivers a high success rate. The distinctive innovation of Talee resides in the cranial orthosis having been designed in close collaboration between parents and clinicians using an interactive, individual configurator and 3D printing. The result is a perfectly fitted helmet with smooth and rounded shapes, complimented by simple patterns and a choice of appealing pastel colours. This lends the orthosis a novel, soothing and above all child-friendly appearance. By pushing the limits of 3D printing technology, the device achieves maximum lightweight. Its multilayer construction allows for natural growth of the baby’s head to obtain a desired shape. The perforated structure makes it breathable and well ventilated, so that the baby sweats less. The design of Talee suppresses the stigma of it being a medical device, improving the acceptance of both parents and the child to use such a product. Instead, it becomes a welcome part of everyday life for both.

Statement by the Jury

Thanks to its concept of individual adaptation using 3D technology, the Talee cranial orthosis offers impressive new treatment possibilities. Highly appealing and friendly looking, the device aestheticises the therapy of child cranial deformities, while being extremely light and comfortable to wear. It embodies a highly contemporary and elegant solution. Functionally well thought-out, it is easy to handle and convinces with its soft material appeal.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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