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Innovating a period product

In 1931, a patent for the tampon was registered in the USA. Since then, this period product has been manufactured essentially unchanged in its original form. The Tampliner is an innovative period product which interestingly enough stands out from other familiar tampons because it merges a tampon with a mini-liner, that is, a thin pantyliner. The aim of this innovation was to combine the advantages of an organic cotton tampon with a mini-liner for extra protection against leaks in a hybrid solution. The design of the Tampliner connects the tampon and the mini-liner, which are both made of organic cotton, with a very thin and breathable film, the so-called virtual applicator. The latter ensures a secure fit of the mini-liner as it is worn folded between the labia and helps keep the finger clean when inserting and later disposing of the tampon, as it automatically wraps the used tampon when it is removed. The packaging concept of the Tampliner also stands out from other period products. The biodegradable packaging is characterised by the use of bold colours and a contemporary graphic style, lending it a cheerful, confident appearance.

Statement by the Jury

The Tampliner comes as an inspiring, long overdue innovation of a period product that has been used for more than 80 years in unchanged form by people around the world. By combining two existing products and optimising them with great attention to detail, Tampliner has emerged as a smart new product that offers menstruating people more protection while also increasing comfort, alongside being environmentally friendly.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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