Tetrapanax Stamp

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The Tetrapanax Stamp series represents an art form passed down from generation to generation and promotes the spirit of Tetrapanax paper craftsmanship. Tetrapanax Papyrifer was one of the first plants harvested in Taiwan and the first native plant to be named. Paper made from Tetrapanax is delicate and beautiful, and artisans considered it the best material for making paper flowers. The production of Tetrapanax paper is a seven-step process. Each step is performed by hand. The artworks on the stamps were inspired by the Qing Dynasty concubine’s headdress, as the papyrus paper flower was the main ornament of the concubine's hair. To showcase the unique process and characteristics of Tetrapanax paper, the first stamp set depicts each of the seven steps of the Tetrapanax papermaking process; the second depicts the process of making Tetrapanax paper flowers; and the third depicts the seven flowers commonly made of Tetrapanax paper. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Visual Communication

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