The Growth Curve

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The Growth Curve uses mechanical principles to create a soft sculptural form that is both light and breathable. The clothing structure can be expanded and deconstructed, allowing it to be worn in many different ways. The garment concept promotes sustainability by reducing the amount of waste fabric produced during the manufacturing process, in addition to its multi-wearability. The 3D garment is primarily composed of fishbone structures and elastic fabric. The fishbone structure is the basic framework that gives the garment its overall shape, and the elastic fabric is wrapped around the surface to create an organic form. The garment’s manufacturing method allows for rapid prototyping of any shape, structure, or complex surface without splicing, allowing for both integration and three-dimensionality of the clothing. Through its ‘one garment, many styles' concept, this design aims to further investigate the free presentation of organic form in conceptual clothing as well as the potentials of green design. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Fashion and Accessories | Concept

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