The Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle

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The Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle was designed from the inside out to be sensitive to the ergonomics and productivity of its end users. The overall design of the Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle is centred on simplicity; it is an effort to reduce the design to its simplest form possible by eliminating complexity while creating a very pure statement. The cargo volume to overall vehicle size ratio is what drives its maximised functionalities while still maintaining a small footprint, resulting in a functional and purpose-driven vehicle. The entire vehicle is made up of flat surfaces, which simplifies both the customisation options of each vehicle for our customers and its mass production. Flat planes, chamfers, and controlled bends can be created with minimal machinery, avoiding expensive moulds and stamps and adding yet another cost savings that is passed on to the end user. Enabled by Canoo's proprietary electric platform architecture, the MPDV provides everything the user needs and nothing they don’t, eschewing traditional paradigms of how the vehicles of tomorrow should look to deliver maximum interior space and functionality on a compact exterior footprint. Each component of the MPDV was carefully designed, from the cosmetic elements to the engineering and structural elements. It is purpose-built to minimise complexity and maximise user benefit, resulting in cost savings that enable a game-changing price point for both large commercial fleets and small businesses. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility and Transportation

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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