The Spark Oven

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The Spark Oven's double-layered glass, graphene heating tube, heat insulation technology, and heat dissipation ducts all work together to meet the EK1 standard, resulting in a pure and comfortable home baking experience. It enables a cavity with a very high furnace core temperature but a safe-to-touch exterior (60°C), which is far superior to that of standard ovens. Its cavity is heated by a graphene heating tube, which can reach 230°C in 2 minutes. The heat-up speed is four times faster than standard ovens, which usually take 8 minutes to heat up. Experience the superlative performance and the delectable flavour without having to wait. The interface for interacting with the oven is simple and straightforward. Even beginners can get started with the help of the ambient lighting. Personalised recipe data can also be generated and collected. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Culinary and Kitchen

Red Dot

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