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Time Section: The Possibility of Shenzhen Architecture Design

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The exhibition “Time Section: The Possibility of Shenzhen Architecture Design”, which was held at the Shenzhen Hua Art Museum, reflected the architectural achievements of the metropolis over the last 40 years. In this exhibition, representative architectures in Shenzhen were shown together for the first time and the architects behind them were presented in detail and in chronological order. The visual design concept for the exhibition and the communication in all digital and analogue media is based on the distinctive appearance of tracing paper rolls as they were traditionally used in the past for architectural sketches and designs. This design feature was chosen as a reminder that all architectural designs begin with sketches originally drawn by hand. The logo, which was also derived from this approach, shows several paper rolls over which the text with the most important information about the exhibition runs, creating a correspondingly three-dimensional effect. This idea is continued, among other things, on the nameplates and especially on the presentation surfaces constructed from scaffolding, which not only reflect the image of the tracing paper rolls, but above all represent an essential aspect of any architectural work.

Statement by the Jury

The identity design for this exhibition impresses with the captivating idea of using the aesthetics of tracing paper rolls traditionally used for architectural sketches as a key visual. The three-dimensionality and the resulting non-linear typeface not only create exciting visual effects on the various communication materials, but also find a congenial counterpart in the spatial presentation on scaffolding.

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