TMH Brand DNA Concept

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TMH is the fourth largest rolling stock manufacturer and one of the world’s first to cultivate a whole new brand DNA for vehicles. The language imparts movement and freedom, as reflected by the sharp, dynamic lines of the headlamps; as well as synergy and unity, as evidenced by the streamlined edges that rush towards one another. This is the strength and nature of TMH. The designers also took inspiration from the traits of a snow leopard – a rare predator and symbol of Russia – and abstracted that into form to create “the mask” that fronts all TMH’s new vehicles. Most importantly, there is a readiness to evolve with the needs of passengers. Simply take a look at the lower frame (the radiator grille), which has become a design motif of TMH trains. It is a reference to the everyday car and proclaims the dawn of a new standard for public transport that is more comfortable and more personal. Caring for people is the driver for the brand development of TMH. It provides the stimulus to search for new solutions and new approaches that are more aesthetically sound, more functional, more effective and more human. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility & Transportation

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