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A multipurpose chair has to be shaped to offer the most diverse seating options, so that its design complies with certain functional standards right from the start. The Trea multipurpose chair fascinates with its distinctive lines that merge frame and seating shell in a harmonious way. Since the chair is made of only a few parts that assemble in a modular manner, it is also highly durable. Another important aspect is that it boasts outstandingly good seating comfort. The backrest features an innovative aluminium reclining mechanism that offers up to 12 degrees of recline to encourage a healthy posture. Since the backrest follows the body’s natural movement, it reduces disc pressure on the back, allowing users to intuitively sit in the most comfortable posture with ease. Fascinatingly, this process is facilitated without needing to adjust manual knobs and levers. The glass-filled nylon backrest is moulded and contoured to cradle the body’s natural curves. It thus offers added lumbar support, while the seat edge reduces pressure on the back of the knees. The Trea multipurpose chair is available as a cantilever, four-star base or four-leg base version. Its modular construction allows upgrading for the most diverse seating purposes. It easily blends in with almost any space aesthetics, making it suitable for cafeterias, home offices and dining rooms alike – impressing users and beholders with its distinctive use of form, functionality and ergonomics.

Statement by the Jury

The futuristic form language of the Trea multipurpose chair is complemented by sophisticated ergonomics. It features a design of beautiful proportions and looks aesthetically pleasing from any angle. Its innovative, state-of-the art seating comfort is fascinating. Functional details such as the sophisticated reclining mechanism and a backrest shell with glass inlay enable an intuitive sitting posture. Users sit on it as comfortably as on a special kind of office chair, although it is a multipurpose chair.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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