Vibrant WiFi Router

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Internet routers are typically hidden somewhere off in a corner of a space because of their unattractive appearance. This out-of-the-way placement leads to unstable connections and dead zones, negatively impacting the user experience. Based on extensive customer research and a design-forward approach, Vibrant WiFi Router was developed as a fashionable internet router that addresses connection issues and enhances the user experience. Vibrant WiFi Router comes with a wide range of skin designs with distinct styles, colours, and materials that complement any interior space, including eco-friendly or premium skins created in collaboration with artists, designers, and popular brands. The vibrant skins can transform the router into an elegant piece of ceramics, an illuminated glass artwork, or even a stylish desk clock. To allow the router to be placed in more visible areas, a new router power adapter called “Simple Connect” was also developed. This adapter transmits both power and internet data over a single USB-C cable, eliminating the need for messy LAN cables. Because the router skins are separate from the router’s mechanical components, they can be produced with different designs and materials without affecting the router’s manufacturing process or cost. This router skin approach also ensures that sustainability remains a key design goal. The skin protects the router’s main body, extending its lifespan and making the product easy to reassemble. It is an especially important design element in the Korean internet market, where routers are typically rented on two or three-year contracts and collected upon contract termination for refurbishment and reuse. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Communication Technology

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