Vogue Highbay

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Vogue Highbay is a ‘squircle’ luminaire that fills the needs of both circular and square high bays, making it a universal shape for all industrial lighting needs. Its design reduces lumen loss, making it significantly more energy efficient than a conventional lamp of the same lux level. This is a smart product that allows for dimming and colour temperature adjustments, resulting in a desirable lighting solution that uplifts the mood and psychology of the user operating in any industrial space. The design allows for easy serviceability as the electronic driver can be replaced without removing the luminaire from the ceiling or mast. It is also functionally and visually balanced, with anti-clog heat fins and high Ingress Protection that makes the luminaire robust, easy to maintain, thermally efficient, and more durable. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Illumination

Red Dot

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