Volkhonka. The Unhurried Walk

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“Volkhonka. The Unhurried Walk”, which is about the history and architecture of Volkhonka, one of the oldest streets in Moscow situated near the Kremlin, is far more than just an elaborately designed guidebook. Based on extensive historical and archival research, it reveals new thrilling aspects in the history of the district and is richly illustrated with both modern and historical materials, many of which are published for the first time. Three introductory articles telling about the role of the district in the urban planning of Moscow are followed by the main section, which presents 30 buildings chosen for their architectural, cultural and historical significance. Every article is structured into sections to cover modern photos, characteristics of the building, its development and evolution, as well as essays about famous persons whose life was connected to the buildings, turning this book into an unusual print product. In addition, the book cover is made in numerous expert steps that can only be carried out by hand.

Statement by the Jury

The “Volkhonka. The Unhurried Walk” guidebook about one of the oldest streets in Moscow fascinates at first glance with its complexity and comprehensiveness. The illustrations and typography are used in a highly sensitive manner and in their sheer abundance have resulted in an impressive overall work. The cover with embossing was produced in a technically sophisticated manner to pique curiosity about the content.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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